The Harbor

February 23, 2013

I know — so obvious to start with the harbor. But, how many other cities can boast such a stunning backdrop that is so accessible? Having lived in San Francisco, this harbor is much easier to get to and find parking (most of the time) than anywhere in San Francisco.
And, for walkers like me, there is a multiplicity of paths that offer up panoramic views. Plus, there’s diversity to the paths – stairs, sidewalks, cement paths, dirt paths, biking trails. Benches along the way are conducive to rest and contemplation. The benches in the back of the Ocean Institute offer slice-of-heaven views. Gazebos and benches on the streets above the harbor offer dazzling birds-eye views.
I walk some part of the harbor almost every day. There’s always something new to see – some nuance, another textured layer to explore.
The plaza area near Coffee Importers, which is going to be expanded as part of a future renovation, is a mecca for meeting friends, conducting business appointments, hanging out with dogs, and people and boat watching.