February 26, 2013

After living in Dana Point for two years now, and walking by the OC Sailing & Events Center at the harbor almost every day, I finally got my ass in gear this morning and tried a 9 a.m. Jazzercise class. Loved it! So glad to see Jazzercise is still alive and kicking. I seriously thought it had come and gone in the 80s, like topsiders and the Rubik’s cube.

It was the perfect panacea for a few things I’ve been looking for: a way to incorporate more dance into my life; a way to get moving, with music, in the mornings (it is also offered in the evenings); and the perfect escape from the apartment in the mornings to give my boyfriend more space to get ready for work.

After the hour-long class, I popped over to my favorite Coffee Importers for a Phil’s Power Pancake (gotta try it!), and basked in the sun with an L.A. Times. Mornings just don’t get any better than this! Felt a spring in my step and the party music reverberating in my head.

So, I will definitely be coming back to more Jazzercise classes, and encourage all Dana Point residents to try a class. It’s fairly low impact – definitely not the high intensity of what I’ve heard Zumba is all about, although I’ve never tried that (next on my list – so if anyone has a good Zumba class to recommend in Dana Point, please post a comment).

The only possible disincentive – the pricing seems a little steep. $55 a month to pay by check. $45 with automatic debit. $15 for a drop-in.  But the more frequently you go, it definitely pays for itself. http://www.jazzercise.com


One Response to “Jazzercise”

  1. Kim said

    Did you know that during the month of March, weekend Jazzercise classes are free. It’s a great way for your friends and family to check it out with no financial pressure. Also, I can tell you from personal experience, Jazzercise is incredible. They have so many class options to choose from – low impact to high impact to kickboxing to bodysculpting to you name it. Explore all the options. The end results are well worth it if you commit. In terms of Zumba…well, I’ll let you see for yourself. I tried it 3 times and it was a unique experience each time. The instructor makes all the difference. Happy Jazzin’.

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